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down continental quilts & pillows

Down Quilts - Down Pillows

by Danish Eiderdowns


Our History

Mid 1950's - Down quilts, Down Pillows , Feather Quilts & Feather Pillows wholesale Melbourne, Australia.

1960 - 1980 - Down Quilts and Down Pillows wholesale commenced Feather Factory, Melbourne, Australia. Goose Down quilt factory - Down pillow factory.

1980 - Onwards - Early 80's built new feather factory at Braeside (Melbourne , Australia)
Wholesale Goose Down quilts , Goose Down pillows , Goose Feather Quilts , Goose Feather Pillows manufacturer Melbourne Australia.
Duck Down Quilts , Duck Down Pillows , Feather Pillows , Feather Scatter Cushions , Feather Cushions Inserts and Feather & Down Mattress Toppers, Down Comforters Wholesale Melbourne , Australia.

2011 - Onwards - European sales from our Australian factory.

2013 - Onwards - USA , Northern American sales from our Australian factory.
Down Comforters to USA.

2015 - Onwards - Hong Kong , Middle East sales from our Australian factory.

The Company

The family business of Danish Eiderdowns can be traced back to it's origin in Aarhus , Denmark , from there Anny & Peder Jorgensen ventured to Australia in the mid 1950's and it took some years to fully realise their contribution to the down & feather quilt & feather pillow industry at the Down & Feather manufacturing factory built at Braeside , Melbourne Australia.

Their wealth of down quilts & feather pillow knowledge came to the fore in the 60's and 70's as down quilts & down pillows became very popular.

Peder still keeps an eye on operations at the Melbourne feather factory , although their daughter Karin and son Kjeld ( Ken ) and three grandsons Ben, Adam and Danny now oversee the day to day running of the feather factory.
Our professional staff ensure that our attention to high quality down quilts , down pillows , feather quilts , feather pillows and quilt rejuvenation services are maintained today and in years to come.


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