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Down Quilts - Down Pillows
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by Danish Eiderdowns

Warmth Without Weight

Australian Accredited Member to The International Down And Feather Bureau (EST Paris 1953).
All German , Hungarian and Polish origin downs are processed by International Down & Feather Bureau Members.
Varies brands ( Incl Feather Factory ) quality products produced by Danish Eiderdowns are available from retailers & online.
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Lightweight - Sustainability - Warmth - Breathable

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Our History

Mid 1950's - Down quilts, Down Pillows , Feather Quilts & Feather Pillows wholesale Melbourne, Australia.

1960 - 1980 - Down Quilts and Down Pillows wholesale commenced Feather Factory, Melbourne, Australia. Goose Down quilt factory - Down pillow factory.

1980 - Onwards - Early 80's built new feather factory at Braeside (Melbourne , Australia)
Wholesale Goose Down quilts , Goose Down pillows , Goose Feather Quilts , Goose Feather Pillows manufacturer Melbourne Australia.
Duck Down Quilts , Duck Down Pillows , Feather Pillows , Feather Scatter Cushions , Feather Cushions Inserts and Feather & Down Mattress Toppers, Down Comforters Wholesale Melbourne , Australia.

2011 - Onwards - European sales from our Australian factory.

2013 - Onwards - USA , Northern American sales from our Australian factory.
Down Comforters to USA.

2015 - Onwards - Hong Kong , Middle East sales from our Australian factory.

The Company

Australian member to The International Down And Feather Bureau.
The family business of Danish Eiderdowns can be traced back to it's origin in Aarhus , Denmark , from there Anny & Peder Jorgensen ventured to Australia in the mid 1950's and it took some years to fully realise their contribution to the down & feather quilt & pillow industry at the Down & Feather manufacturing factory built at Braeside , Melbourne Australia.

Their wealth of down quilts & feather pillow knowledge came to the fore in the 60's and 70's as down quilts & down pillows became very popular.

Their daughter Karin and son Kjeld ( Ken ) and three grandsons Ben, Adam and Danny now oversee the day to day running of the feather factory.
Our professional staff ensure that our attention to high quality down quilts , down pillows , feather quilts , feather pillows and quilt rejuvenation services are maintained today and in years to come.

International Down Feather Bureau Member ( click here )


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