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Down Quilts

Premier Eiderdowns - Danish Style

All Seasons Down Quilts

By Danish Eiderdowns - Australia

Ultimate Goose Down Quilts - Filled in Australia For Sale Australia Wide.
Experience 100% Pure Goose Quilt Comfort in Scandinavian Quilt Range.

Natural , Warm & Lightweight Down Quilts

Warmth Without Weight

Our Premier European goose down in all seasons down quilts & down comforters remain in high demand.

Buy All Seasons Australian Accredited Member to The International Down And Feather Bureau (EST Paris 1953) down quilts.
German goose down, Hungarian goose down & Polish goose down origins are processed by International Down & Feather Bureau Members.
Varies brands ( Incl Feather Factory ) quality products produced by Danish Eiderdowns are available from retailers & online.
Quilt cleaning and quilt rejuvenation service is available Australia wide ( Click Here ).

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100% Pure Goose Quilts - Quality Goose Down


Luxury white down quilts / down duvets in
Hungarian goose down , Polish goose down , German goose down and Danish goose down origin.

Royal Batiste 220 Downproof

Made with a 362 tread count
100% long staple cotton imported from Germany for Danish Eiderdowns quilts.

95% Goose Down Cluster

100% Pure goose Scandinavian quilt range.
Our specially selected goose down is un-surpassed.
This 95% goose down cluster has a phenominal density and insulates at an amazing 800+ fill power.
The warmth generated from this weightlessness quality goose down is an amazing sensation
when experienced in a Danish Eiderdown down duvet / down quilt.

Warmth without weight product

Authentic Danish Eiderdowns quality label
( Beware Of Imitations )
Buy Australian accredited Member To The International Down And Feather Bureau down quilts.
Hypo allergenic
Cassette ( walled / boxed) style - popular with hotels. Allows for restricted movement for best loft and rejuvenation care.
This is not a quilted item - each box is not sealed off.
Down blanket warmth level include winter down quilts to summer down quilts.

The World's Best Goose Down Quilts
Are Also
The World's Lightest Down Quilts ?

Warmth Without Weight



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