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Down Quilts

By Danish Eiderdowns

Natural , Warm and Green

Warmth Without Weight

Australian Accredited Member to The International Down And Feather Bureau (EST Paris 1953).
All German , Hungarian and Polish origin downs are processed by International Down & Feather Bureau Members.
Varies brands ( Incl Feather Factory ) quality products produced by Danish Eiderdowns are available from retailers & online.
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" The Scandinavian "
Dimple Stitch Style

White Goose Down - Down Duvet - Luxury Down Quilts

Plain Weave Lightweight Quality Downproof

This finest ' Warmth without weight ' downproof is highly recommended for dimple stitch style
quilts/ duvets.

Quality Goose Down

All down - including Hungarian origin and Polish origin downs are processed to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), EN (European Standards),
USA 2000 Standards or Australian Standards to retailers & consumers requirements.

Our specially selected down.
This down cluster has a phenominal density for insulation quality.
The warmth generated from this weightlessness quality down is an amazing sensation
when experienced in " The Scandinavian " duvet / quilt.

" The Scandinavian" Quilt

Features -
Warmth without weight product
Authentic Danish Eiderdowns quality label
( Beware Of Imitations )
Hypo allergenic product
Sealed European dimple stitch construction
Warmth level options-
- Summer Fill
- Standard Fill
- Extra Fill



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