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down continental quilts & pillows

Down Quilts

By Danish Eiderdowns

Natural , Warm and Green

Warmth Without Weight

Royal familys of Europe have been using down quilts, down duvets and down comforters for generations.
We offer you our familys generation of down quilts and feather quilts experience in the Royal comfort of Danish Eiderdowns.
Warmth without weight Quilts, Duvets & Comforters.

Your Guarantee Of Quality

Down Quilt Selections-

Regular inspection visits to suppliers worldwide for down selection non Chinese.
Enviromental Protection - Innovative updated automatic down processing system by suppliers allowing for the use of organic detergent washing.

Government Inspection Service Approval - AQIS
All fillings are free from any impuraties that can be experienced in some down products.

Down Blends and Standards

Blends from 100% feather to 100% Down are available to International Down and Feather specifications :
Our Down selections are tested by IDFB's ( International Down Feather Bureau ) certified member IDFL ( International Down & Feather Testing Laboratory Europe , USA)

Hungarian Goose Down
European Goose Down
Polish Goose Down

Down products manufactured at our Melbourne ( Australia ) factory for following world markets -
USA , Europe , Middle East , Japan and Great Britan.

Down percentage , fill weight and fill power are the most respected and commonly used down & feather standards world wide
Down Percentage - Fill Power
95% Down = 800 +
90 / 10 = 650 to 800
85 / 15 = 550 to 650
80 / 20 = 450 to 550
70 / 30 = 400 to 450

100% Down - Some countries ( mainly Asian ) permit 100% Down labelling on products as there is a 10% to 15% tolerance allowed.
Eg : Actual filling contents 85% Down - labelled 100% Down.
Tog rating as used in Great Britain is a warmth rating only. It does not relate to down quality.
Tog rating should display authentic BS4745-1990 label on product.

Downproof Selections
from the worlds leading fabric houses -

From Europes finest fabric houses we have

1. Royal Batiste - ( 5 Star )

' Warmth without weight ' downproof results in the ultimate
TC 1448 yarn per 10cm2 / 362 yarn / inch2

Piped Cassette Boxed European White Casing
Warmth Without Weight Downproof
Click Here European Quality Down Quilts

2.Plain Weave Batiste Quality -

This ' Warmth Without Weight ' downproof is highly recommended for dimple stitch style quilts / duvets.
Filled with the finest goose down results in a true Scandinavian experience quilt / duvet.

Dimple Stitch Style " The Scandinavian"
Double Hemmed Cassetted Boxed Fully Adjustable Style
Click Here European Quality Down Quilts

3. Sateen- Deluxe -

This supersoft 100% white cotton Pattern 1' square and 1' Hungarian Goose Down Quilts for extra warmth and comfort.
Authentic Danish Eiderdowns quality label
Beware of Imitations (made in China) ,
National brands

Double Hemmed Cassetted Boxed Fully Adjustable Style Casing
Click Here The Hungarian - Goose Down Quilts

4. Cambric / Japara

Recommended for use of standard goose down and duck down quilts. One of the most common downproof fabric used worldwide.
Piped and double hemmed perimeter gives durability and long life to quilts and duvets.

Double Hemmed Cassette Boxed Fully Adjustable Style Casing.
Walled & Channelled All Seasons Adjustable Casing.
Click Here Goose Down Quilts

All Down Quilt Products feature -

Hypo Allergenic treatment
Oeko - Tex 100 Ecologically Safe guarantee textile label
Authentic Danish Eiderdowns quality label
( Beware of Imitations )


The World's Best Down Quilts
Are Also
The World's Lightest Down Quilts ?

Warmth Without Weight

Example - 4 ( Average ) Blankets


* Goose Down 90%
Japara / Cambric Downproof
Total Weight = 2400gms

Warmth Without Weight

* European Goose Down 95%
Royal Batiste Downproof
Total Weight = 1290gms


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