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Sofa Cushions
Feather Wraps
Cushion Inserts

By Danish Eiderdowns

Australian Accredited Member to The International Down And Feather Bureau (EST Paris 1953).
All German , Hungarian and Polish origin downs are processed by International Down & Feather Bureau Members.
Varies brands ( Incl Feather Factory ) quality products produced by Danish Eiderdowns are available from retailers & online.
Our cleaning and rejuvenation service is available Australia wide ( Click Here ).

European Industry Supplier

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Sofa Cushions , Couch Cushions , Sofa Cushion Inserts ,
Feather Wraps and Furniture Cushions

New Sofa / Furniture Cushions and
Remake / Top Up / Rejuvenate Sofa Cushions service available

Sofa Cushions to suit all types of furniture , Austratian made.
All sofa cushions and feather cushion inserts are made for correct fitting to sofa cushion covers.
All sofa cushions are made in Australia to order from imported materials.

Fill Options :

Soft - Medium - Firm

Sofa Cushion Filling Selections are :

Feather Cushions
Feather Down Cushions
Down Cushions

Sofa Cushion Wraps

Ultimate Sofa Cushion Format
Single or Double feather surround and a foam core for ultimate comfort and support.


Downproof fabric -100% cotton 133x100 40/40 quality.
All feather & down fillings have full quality clearance from Australian Goverment Inspection Service ( AQIS ).

Down Blends and Standards

Blends from 100% feather to 100% Down are available to International Down and Feather specifications.
Our Down selections are tested by IDFB's ( International Down Feather Bureau )
certified member IDFL ( International Down & Feather Testing Laboratory Europe , USA. )

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