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Down Quilts Online
Down Pillows Online

By Danish Eiderdowns

Australian Accredited Member to The International Down And Feather Bureau (EST Paris 1953).
All German , Hungarian and Polish origin downs are processed by International Down & Feather Bureau Members.
Varies brands ( Incl Feather Factory ) quality products produced by Danish Eiderdowns are available from retailers & online.
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Downproof Options

~ German Batiste Super Lightweight
~ Plain Weave 100% Lightweight Cotton
~ Luxury Sateen White Pattern Design
~ 100% White Cotton Cambric / Japara

European Industry Supplier

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Goose Down Pillows

Ahhhh... the absolute bliss of laying your head on a plump, soft, supportive white 90% Goose Down pillow.
European luxury! An investment in ultimate sleeping comfort. Cotton covered, plump, and comfortable and often recommended by physiotherapists for sore necks.

90% European Goose Down Quality

Comfort Level Options
Low Loft
Medium Loft
High Loft
in Standard , King & Euorpean sizes.
Casing :
100% Cotton Japara- piped edge ,double hemmed

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Super Light German Batiste Down Quilts / Duvets

Cassette Boxed Walled Casing

Approximately a quarter of the weight of most down quilts, it is almost weightless. The perfect amount of airy down for all seasons. Made in Australia.

90% European Quality Down

Royale Collection~
Pure Goose Quilt
95% Down Cluster
Hungarian Goose Down
Processed by International Down Feather Bureau Member

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Hungarian Goose Down Quilts / Comforters / Duvets

Luxury Down Quilts
Sateen jacquard deluxe downproof - Hungarian goose down ( high loft ) quilts.
Cassette boxed casing

90% Hungarian Goose Down

Luxury Plus
3 Varies Warmths
Light Loft
Standard Loft
Extra Loft

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" The Apartment" Quilt

Dimple Stitch Style Casing

Ultra Light - Warmth Without Weight
This is a quilt that understands apartment living, the warm core of the building, and also the desire to minimise the need for multiple bedding options.It is cased in an ultra-light weight plain weave batiste quality cover that allows 4 way warmth control, and with a light to medium fill of 90% European Goose Down.
A light cotton quilt cover will maximise benefits!

90% European Goose Down Quality with unique 4-way warmth control
Australian Sizes available are:
Single - Double - Queen - King - Super King

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